hikari_shiroki: description on the journal. (chibis)
hikari_shiroki ([personal profile] hikari_shiroki) wrote2012-10-31 06:35 pm

[original] chibi Hikari

Hikari Shiroki on chibi.

I'm doing a series of chibis of various fandoms to print as bookmarks. This is the first one of the set ^^, she is my original chara so she is not in a fandom, but I wanted to have one of her on chibi for a lot of reasons ^^U.

Terminé mi primer bookmark! Me demoré un poco de más buscando entero el cover de los Nightrunner para ponerlo en el libro que lee Hikari, pero valió la pena XD. En fin, mi personaje Hikari Shiroki en chibi :-D.

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