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hikari_shiroki ([personal profile] hikari_shiroki) wrote2011-12-27 06:26 pm
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[Fanart] Christmas tease (Nezumi & Shion)

Title: Those christmas gifts
Medium: Fanart
Characters/Pairing: Nezumi and Shion
Rating: Safework
Note: Idea from the prompt list on No.6 Holiday Fanwork Event

Merry Christmas everyone!! Hope your holidays were as good as mine ^^! I'm bragging cos this year I had few people coming over and got the chance to went to bed earlier XD.

Anyway, sorry I'm late (here on Peru are almost 6 pm), couldn't decide on my concept till the last minute and that's why I apologize before hand for the awful background on the pic ^^U... if I could have the time maybe it would have been something more enjoyable to watch. But since is like that, just concentrate on the charas that came out pretty cute for my first time drawing them, HOHOHOHOHO.

Read "unexpected gift" as the number one on the prompt list and finally came with something like this XD. I'm pretty sure that's a present from Rikiga, who else?

Hope the pic put a lil smile on your faces as well ^^. Once again: Merry Christmas!!!

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