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Audiofic leído por mí (porque siempre quise intentar estas cosas XD):

Fandom: Naruto
Calificación: Mayores de 14 años.
Género: shounen-ai.
Declaración: el concepto y la idea original de Naruto pertenecen a Masashi Kishimoto.
Reseña: basado en la idea original de Kaori Ozaki para el manga Meteor Metusaleh. Naruto ha esperado por más de seis siglos para encontrar a Sasuke de nuevo.
Estado: terminado.


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This was originally made to advertise the project for Oofuri's chorus ^^-
It was so much fun to gather all the guys to sing on this one! I really enjoy seeing them smiling and happy like this ^^-

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HELLO to all the fantastic and pretty voices out there!!!

I'm pimping the fabulous idea from luonsalad on LJ about a project for the community of Oofuri fandom ^^!

All oofuri fans out there, listen to the call and PITCH in with a comment, please ^^!!! it would be so fun once is done, and too late if you don't join NOW!

JOIN HERE!!!!!!!!!!!


at least to read what I'm talking about XD.

PS: Vote for seishun line, please!!!!! ><--- it's such a good song!


Song voting poll here!! \o/

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Saw Bakuman anime some days ago, the chapter of the g-pen and how long it takes to get used to it.

So, I wanted to practice with my sharp pen on paper to see if it's really hard. This was the most elaborated that I could achieve atm.

It isn't hard but you need to concentrate on where to do the lines more thick and where not so it's a little problematic at the beginning. But you get used to it very fast, I think...

The original skecth for this has been on my scrap notebook for years and years XD, I don't think is one of my best, it was more an excuse to draw flowers from a book my mom bought me years ago. Flowers are cute ^^!! and nii-chan-tachi around them are better!
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Thanks to [personal profile] tahiel  who gave me the link to join this journal ^^!

It was in a good timing cos I wanted to change my gallery to somewhere that doesn't impose ilogic rules and doesn't let you talk back once they think you are violating them (so, goodbye y!gallery and DA!).

I mostly draw fanarts and write fics on spanish. So that's what you are going to see around here.

I will be updating soon with all my drawings and writings adn whatnots and little esplanations for every one of them. So I reccomend you and will be very glad if you suscribe to my entries to receive notifications when I update.

RSS Atom

I promise I'll just make one entry per day so I won't spam your inbox with all my entries ^^U.

Anyway, thanks a lot to all that follow me and let me comments ^^. I love comments!!! and I'll make the comments public so everyone can reply.

See you around!!! and please visit me once in a while ^^!

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