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Hikari Shiroki on chibi.

I'm doing a series of chibis of various fandoms to print as bookmarks. This is the first one of the set ^^, she is my original chara so she is not in a fandom, but I wanted to have one of her on chibi for a lot of reasons ^^U.

Terminé mi primer bookmark! Me demoré un poco de más buscando entero el cover de los Nightrunner para ponerlo en el libro que lee Hikari, pero valió la pena XD. En fin, mi personaje Hikari Shiroki en chibi :-D.

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Hikari is such a plain character to draw XD. I like her a lot for that. And since is my chara I can badmouth her all I want XDDD.

She is totally OPOSED to my personality and she is some times exasperating!

Hikari is not really human, she was raised on the planet of angels Eden, but she wasn't born there either. Her birth is a complete mistery and not even her knows what exactly she is. Her friends on Earth call her a geanny, and that's what is more close to explain the kind of power she posessed, but she is very cohibited by them and hardly use them.
She came to Earth to live a normal life, running away of her duties on Eden, and then made a lot of friends and found a love (Jei-san!!! from Weiss Kreuz muahahahaha). So she is very attached to her live here and pretty determinated to stay.

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